When to Make a Pressure Sores Claim?

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It is estimated that the umpteen number of people develop pressure sores each year whilst in a hospital or other private nursing care. Pressure sores are an energy draining issue that can cause serious harm. This can be developed within a very short period of time. Generally, bed sores are most commonly associated with older people and also, every person who is immobile for a long period of time.

Pressure sores are painful and debilitating and can cause serious harm. They can develop within hours and although generally affect older people but anyone who is immobile for a period of time can be at risk.

This debilitating issue can be prevented if the caregiver provides right and timely care to anyone at risk of developing pressure sores. They must change the patient’s position regularly and take reasonable measures to ensure that their patients remain safe from any such condition. If you or your loved ones develop pressure sores due to hospital or caregiver’s negligence, you may be entitled to Claim Pressure Sore Compensation.

We have an experienced team of solicitors who understands When To Make A Pressure Sores Claim. We provide you immediate practical advice if you or your loved ones have suffered with pressure sores within the last 2 ½ years.

Unfortunately, maximum people suffering from pressure sores are not aware of the financial compensation that they can claim due to caregiver’s negligence. Curtis Legal has achieved significant awards of damages for different clients who develop pressure sores during or in the later stages of nursing care.

We never ask you for any money towards the running of your case and if your Bed Sores Claim is unsuccessful, we will write off any costs that have been incurred so that there is nothing for you to pay.

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