Pressure Sore Injury

Have you or a loved one suffered with pressure sores?

Each year hundreds of thousands of people su er with pressure sores /bed sores
whilst in Hospitals or Nursing homes.

This is shocking, when you consider that in most case pressure sores are preventable
with proper assessment and nursing care.

Pressure sores are extremely painful and debilitating, and can be life threatening.

Older people are most at risk, but pressure injuries can affect anyone of any age who is immobile for a period of time.

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Are you eligible?

On admission to a hospital or nursing home, a risk assessment should be carried out to identify the risk of developing pressure sores and an appropriate care plan should be put in place.

The care plan can include regular repositioning/turning and the provision of suitable
pressure relieving equipment such as mattresses and air cushions. Suitable nutrition
and hydration are also very important factors.

We frequently see cases where people are not correctly assessed and suffer as a result of neglect. In such cases, we help clients understand whether they could claim and if so, then When To Make A Pressure Sores Claim.

Common sites of Pressure Sores

For people who use a wheelchair:
• Tailbone or buttocks
• Shoulder blades and spine
• Backs of arms and legs where they rest against the chairFor people who are confined to a bed:
• Back or sides of the head
• Shoulder blades
• Hip, lower back or tailbone
• Heels, ankles and skin behind the knees

Can I claim?

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