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The statistics suggest that several thousand people suffer from pressure sores every year whilst their stays in private nursing care and hospital. Well, it’s shocking figure because in most cases pressure sores are preventable with sufficient care.

Pressure sores (also known as “bed sores” or “pressure ulcers”) are debilitating indeed a frustrating issue that can happen to anyone who stays in one position for too long but is more likely to occur in older people. These injuries to the skin and underlying tissues are the results of persistent pressure on the skin from a prolonged period.

It is the caregiver’s responsibility to monitor the patient’s skin and adopt adequate measures to reduce the chances of developing pressure sores. If you or your loved ones have developed sores due to medical staff negligence, you can Claim Pressure Sore Compensation.

Curtis Legal is one of the UK’s prominent law firms having a specialist team of solicitors who can provide quick Pressure Sores Compensation Advice to the clients suffered with pressure sores from last 2 ½ years.

With our extensive legal experience, we assess the circumstances and let you know whether the  caregiver has been negligent or not, and if so, we help you understand how to make successful Pressure Sores Compensation Claims and ensure you remain well-informed throughout the entire claim process.

We strictly follow “no win no fee” basis that means the client is not at any financial risk in case of unsuccessful Pressure Sores Claims.

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