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In August 2016 we reached a settlement of £15,000 for the family of Mrs D.  In January 2014 she was admitted to Bradford Royal Infirmary, whilst receiving treatment for an unrelated issue she developed Grade 4 Pressure Sores to her heels, and a Grade 2 to her sacrum. Her injuries healed before she died of unrelated causes later that year.


Mrs M developed a grade 3 pressure sore to her sacrum whilst receiving treatment at Dewsbury & District Hospital in August 2013. Mrs M suffered with the pressure sores for a period of 3 months before her death in November 2013. Her daughter initiated the claim on her behalf. The case was settled in July 2016 and Mrs M was awarded £5,000 in compensation.

Mrs B filed a claim on behalf of her late father, Mr C, after his death in November 2013. Mr C developed pressure sores to his heels whilst receiving treatment for a hip fracture at Royal Surrey Hospital in July 2013. After his discharge Mr C continued to suffer the effects of the pressure sores for a period of 3 months. The pressure sores further developed and were diagnosed as grade 4. Prior to his death the severity of the pressure sores amounted to amputation becoming the only solution. In July 2016 we attained £5,000 in compensation for Mr C’s daughter.

Mrs W sought compensation after the death of her husband in March 2014. Mr W developed pressure sores in January 2014 whilst receiving treatment at Barnsley General Hospital. Mr W suffered with grade 2 pressure sores to both of his heels and a grade 3 pressure sore to his sacrum. These pressure sores were discovered by his wife after Mr W returned to his home in Rotherham. The case was settled in June 2016 and Mrs W was awarded £8,500 in compensation.

In June 2013 Mr T developed a pressure sore to his right hip whilst a resident at a Nursing Home in Lichfield, Staffordshire. Mr T’s pressure sore developed to a Grade 4 and he suffered the effects for two months. The pressure sore finally healed weeks before his death in November. In June 2016 we attained £10,000 in compensation for Mr T’s widow and family.

Mr W suffered grade 2 and 3 pressure sores to his heels and sacrum whilst at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Mr W was admitted with a badly fractured femur and required surgery. Mr W continued to suffer with the effects of the pressure sores for a period of 2 months. We attained £10,000 compensation for him and his family in May 2016.

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