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Mrs A suffered pressure sores to each of her heels whilst being treated for a fractured hip at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham in 2012. Due to living alone Mrs A was kept in hospital for a month. It is during this time that she sustained grade 4 pressure sores to her heels. Upon discharge Mrs A was supported by family and nurses but she continued to suffer with the pressure sores to her heels. It took a full 12 months for the heels to fully repair but she was still vulnerable to obtaining a reoccurrence of the pressure sores to her heels. We obtained £26,500 in compensation for Mrs A in April 2016.

Mrs M filed a claim on behalf of her late brother, Mr M, after he obtained a grade 3 pressure sore in July 2014. The pressure sore developed whilst he was waiting for the treatment for fluid retention at Calderdale Royal Hospital, Halifax. The symptoms associated with the damage caused by the pressure sore did not subside in the 3 weeks before his unrelated death. We obtained £2,000 in compensation for Mrs M in March 2016.

Mr J filed a claim on behalf of his Wife who was a resident at a Residential Care Home in Harrogate.  In the New Year of 2014 she developed a pressure sore to her sacrum. The pressure sore rapidly developed from a grade 1 to a grade 4 in just 1 week. Mrs J continued to suffer pain and discomfort until her death from unrelated circumstances. We obtained a total of £7,500 as compensation which was awarded to Mr J as compensation in March 2016.

Mrs S sought a claim on behalf of her late Husband after he obtained a Grade 4 pressure sore to his sacrum in last few weeks leading up to his death. Mr S was being treated at his home in the West Sussex area by both Macmillan and District Nurses for a period of 10 weeks. The pressure sore developed from a grade 1 to a grade 4 over the period of a fortnight and failed to heal before his passing in October 2013. We obtained £1,500 for his family as compensation in December 2015.

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